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Ginger Beer


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Deans Brothers Brewing Co.’s Real Ginger Beer is brewed using only the Ginger Beer Plant with organic dried cane juice (raw sugar), organic ginger and California water.

The Ginger Beer Plant is not an actual plant but a dual organism consisting of a yeast (Saccharomyces florentinus, aka S. pyriformis) and a bacterium (Lactobacillus hilgadii aka Brevibacterium vermiforme).

The yeast produces a coating to protect it from the bacteria. This coating gives the beer a silky mouth feel.

The bacteria forms a protective gelatinous coating encapsulating the yeast. This bacterium is similar to those that are used to sour Belgium and American beers. Together, as the Ginger Beer Plant, they produce wonderful flavors and tartness.

Ginger Ale was created in 1851 to duplicate the carbonation and flavors of Ginger Beer, but without the brewing or alcohol.

Ginger Beer originated in Yorkshire in the 1700s. It spread throughout Great Britain, Ireland, the Caribbean and beyond. In 1855, commercial brewers had to reduce the alcohol content to 2% due to taxation. In 1939, a big war, sugar rationing and the availability of dried yeast, killed off commercial brewing with the Ginger Beer Plant.

In 1980, Bill Deans was given a Ginger Beer Plant. It is this same Ginger Beer Plant we use today in wooden barrels and casks to create our Real Ginger Beer.

Deans Brothers Brewing Co. is the only commercial brewery in the World, since 1939, producing Ginger Beer with the Ginger Beer Plant.


Taste a bit of history.




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